Values and the universe

Before booking a sea trip, perhaps you would like to discover the values and universe of Orphie

Sharing a passion for the sea

Founded by two sea, sailing and board sports enthusiasts, Orphie’s promise is to help you discover or rediscover the sea in a different way.

Rediscover the pleasure of silent sailing, contemplation of the coastline, anchoring in crystal clear waters, a meal on board with friends, or a paddle or snorkeling tour. Feel the hull spinning through the waves, the wind swelling the sail and accelerating the boat. Experience moments of complicity with your loved ones, dream while looking at the sea, quite simply… Orphie offers you to experience all this on one boat Moments to share, without moderation!

Preserving the coastline

The most beautiful natural sites also need the greatest attention. For Orphie, protecting the coastline means :
– Avoiding pollution when sailing, by using the most environmentally friendly technologies available today
– Limiting the number of visitors to the sites, by using a functional economy, with fewer boats but more qualitative experiences at sea.
– Passing on good behaviour, by proposing outings with professional skippers or training in yacht clubs to provide the best possible support for new boaters.

Acting locally and sustainably

Orphie designs, builds and maintains boats to last. The construction technology used is that of wood composite, which is both modern and progressive, maximising the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials, easily localised as close as possible to sailing sites, and producing boats that are elegant and easily repairable over the years.

Proximity to its suppliers and partners is a key element in Orphie’s development, which is based on its geographical location in France and the Mediterranean.