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About us

A day at sea

Passionate about the sea and the unique and threatened environment of the coastline, we wanted to participate in the evolution of the behaviour of boaters by creating a new offer aimed at professionals:
a new boat, electric, accompanied by a range of services that together form a turnkey solution for the marketing of sea trips.
We are pleased to present the Orphie 29′, designed for day coastal cruising, in silence, in the shade or in the sun, with gliding sensations close to sailing.
Welcome aboard.

Cyril Ambrozy & Yann Herriot

A very different boat

The Orphie 29′ trimaran has been designed to satisfy a wide audience with a completely different approach, combining comfort, sensations and respect for the environment.
> The glide close to the water with the silence of the electric propulsion.
> The incomparable space provided by the width of the trimaran.
> The trampolines, ideal playground for sunbathing.
> A dining table in the shade for eight people.

This space and these very different sensations are intended to seduce and attract both those used to traditional motorboats and those who love dinghies, sailing and gliding.
They will discover a space hitherto unknown on boats of the same size, with an engine that is both strong and silent.
They will rediscover the pleasure of the sound of the water on the hull, and even the pleasure of sailing under sail, with the possibility of deploying a kite as soon as the wind picks up.

A turnkey day at sea

In order to open up the use of this boat to a larger number of people, we are now targeting water sports professionals, particularly those concerned with the preservation of their local coastline, by offering a turnkey operating solution in addition to the boat, in order to launch a day charter offer locally, i.e. day trips at sea.
> Digital platform for marketing, management and promotion.
> Continuous maintenance, technical assistance and training.
> Privileged partnership solutions for financing.

New range of services for professionals

Everyone will be able to enjoy unique experiences at sea via a network of professional partners capable of offering local day trips to exceptional natural sites: nautical bases and on-board hotels operating a fleet of boats, independent skippers doing day charters, rental management agencies in charge of the boat of a private owner.

Orphie has packaged a “boat as a service” offer to assist its professional clients in marketing outings and managing the brand’s boats.

This range of dedicated services, together with the boat, forms a turnkey solution that makes it easier to set up the business and provides long-term economic visibility.

Maintenance and monitoring of the boats

The boats are serviced and prepared before each season. The level of finish is checked and upgraded every year: customers can enjoy a durable boat that remains elegant and reassuring.
Orphie’s teams can intervene in case of emergency during the tourist season. The motorisation even has a remote diagnosis and repair tool from the manufacturer.

Digital platform

  • Online reservations and payments
    Social network animation
    Agenda and activity planning
    Targeted promotional campaigns
    Discount and sponsorship coupons
    Web referencing of navigation sites

Financing solutions

Making the boat available on a “pay as you go” basis allows a new client to test the offer over a season without having to commit to the purchase of the boat straight away.
On the purchase side, contact with specialised banking partners makes it easier to obtain a loan or leasing solution adapted to the commercial activity.